This is the most extensive training option. Your dog will stay with us in our home for 4 weeks. During the consultation, we will tailor a specific program to achieve your list of goals during these 4 weeks.

Your dog is trained in all types of practical situations, inside and outside. Your dog is worked around other people, dogs, and environments. You, as the owner, will come in at the end of week 2 to discuss progress and other education topics. This will ensure the new training will transfer to you more effectively.

This option also includes a 1-hour go home lesson as well as a one free private lesson to be used at any time.





This is a hands-on opt

ion where we work together to reach your personal goals and/or solve any problems you’re facing. Private lessons are custom tailored to your needs providing necessary training as well as education to further strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Puppy Pre-K

If your pup is under 6 months old, now is a great time to begin the foundations of obedience and equip them for life in new environments.

General Obedience/Behavior Modification

For dogs 6 months and older, this is a great option to form lasting habits and hone their skills to continue shaping your relationship with your dog.


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