Our Training Philosophy

We believe we should never underestimate the importance of a healthy and respectful relationship between dogs and their people. With so many different resources and training philosophies to choose from, it can be utterly discombobulating for people to make decisions about their dog’s education and well being. It seems that everywhere you turn, there’s a contradicting piece of advice. We want to be able to provide clarity for those who are struggling and not sure where to go for help. We strive to give not just a training service, but an experience of learning a new way of communicating with your dog. The training we do isn’t just about fixing what’s wrong or modifying behavior, it’s about learning our dog’s individual personalities, and being aware of how they view the world so that the can become the best versions of themselves.


Christa Sapita

Owner | Head Trainer

It was always obvious I would spend my life in the company of animals. While most high school girls were spending their allowance on movies and makeup, and their weekends at the beach, this South Florida girl saved her cash for the animals in her life, and could always be found at the barn with the horses on weekends and summer breaks.

My passion fueled my decision to move to upstate New York to pursue a career in the equine industry in 2002, and four years later, I graduated from Morrisville State University with a BA in Equine Science and Management.

Although my journey naturally led me to discover an equally endearing love for the canine species, I can’t disregard the knowledge and maturity that dedicating all those years to horesemanship has given me. Without the foundation that my instructors, employers, mentors, and the horses themselves, as well as the experiences that the industry gave me, both the positive and the painful, I would not be the person or the trainer that I am today.


VIP In-home

Ideal for committed owners looking to tackle training from the comfort of their own home. One of the main benefits of private lessons is having the ability to address behavioral issues in an environment your dog is already comfortable in.

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Board and Train

This program is geared toward dogs that may need a little extra time to become the best version of themselves. They will work on building confidence and learning skills to help them better associate with the world around them.

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Online learning

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Success Stories

“Our dogs were aggressively barking and being nervous everywhere with everything …it was getting extremely stressful and we’ve tried everything we know. What we didn’t know and wished that we had known was Christa’s training!. Our dogs got trained from Christa a few months ago and when they came back to us we were so pleased with the work that she did on them. One of our dogs got her training to be my service dog. He loves to travel and being with us everywhere we go so after Christa’s training he can now. Our other dog had extreme anxieties with car rides and barking and we tried our best to not take him anywhere. After Christa’s training, we can take him on car rides now without him barking and we don’t have to feel bad leaving him behind anymore. Thanks to Christa and her team our lives have transformed with our dogs learning healthy behaviors and manners. Don’t wait to get your life back with the best training from Christa!!”


“I am completely satisfied with the work done by Christa and John to get my 20 month old Dobe trained as my service dog. Christa is amazing at identifying and solving issues that can arise during and even after training. I would recommend them to anyone in need of an excellent dog trainer. My boy just loves Christa” 

– Pat

“Christa is a natural with dogs and an awesome trainer! My puppy got her best start in life because she spent those first critical weeks in Christa’s capable hands. She took my pup (Ruby) from 8-14 weeks old and returned her to me as a well-mannered, confident, social, happy dog, (who was walking nicely on a leash and potty trained!!!). I will be eternally grateful to Christa for this. I was in another state and Christa kept me updated on Ruby’s progress through emails, photos and videos. Not only is Christa super easy to work with, but extremely knowledgeable about dogs (and what motivates them). She offers first-rate advice especially for a first time dog owner such as myself. Christa believes you should deal with things in the moment and her hands-on methods have had a very positive impact on my pup, and my relationship with her. People are amazed how well Ruby (now 6 month old) behaves in any type of social setting, and how great she is around other dog of all ages/sizes. I have no hesitation recommending Christa and Freedom Dogs to anyone that needs puppy training or behavior modification for their dog. She is amazing!”




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